Why Choose Shisa Charcoal


Shisa Charcoal is one of the best charcoal and quality, and easy to use. The basic ingredients are various natural hardwoods, including rambutan, natural plot, guava, halaban, tamarind wood, and even mangrove wood. This Hookah Charcoal is produced directly by Pohacee for various needs. Here are the reasons why you should choose Shisa Charcoal, among others:

Why Should You Choose Shisa Charcoal?


  • Eco-Friendly

Shisa Charcoal and Hookah Charcoal which are produced directly by Pohacee are very high quality types of charcoal. You can use this charcoal for barbeque needs or even industrial needs. Proven environmentally friendly because the combustion used is very consistent.

This charcoal is made from 100 percent coconut wood which comes from the best areas, namely the island of Sulawesi and the island of Sumatra. The combustion required to burn charcoal on this one is also the best because it heats up to 500C and burns within 2.5 hours.

Our charcoal product is also one of the eco-friendly products which means no trees are cut down just to make the production of this product smooth. This premium product is chemical-free, odorless and burns three times longer than ordinary charcoal.

You will find pohacee charcoal which is much more environmentally friendly and a Hookah experience that is different from other types of charcoal. This charcoal briquette is also made of very hard wood as well as sawdust or coconut which is quite good. The minimum time is also much more than others.

We also combine our products with natural binders and fillers, namely coal dust, which must be manually compressed into a rather distinctive pillow or hexagonal shape. This form is definitely the best form and it must be recognized for its quality

Our charcoal does not require trees to be cut down in the manufacturing process so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Charcoal is also the healthiest choice for yourself as well as for your environment. Pohacee also doesn’t have any chemical additives to last.

  • Superior Burning Time

Pohacee charcoal does not use additional ingredients because it can last throughout a Hookah session without having to replace the charcoal at all. The burning time is also very superior because it can last three times much longer than other charcoal. This charcoal can also withstand a 30 drop test without having to crack.

This charcoal does not produce any odor nor does it have any sparks, it is non-toxic, flammable and burns much longer than other charcoals. Because this charcoal is so high quality that you can offer this charcoal to various types of events because it is highly recommended.

Pohacee charcoal is a type of charcoal that is odorless and has been 100% natural compressed from the island of Sulawesi. Even though lightning won’t smell, it’s certainly not the same and much different from ordinary charcoal which has a distinctive smell. 

Because this will not take away the true taste of tobacco. Pohacee charcoal is also very easy to get anywhere because it is the best and suitable for you.


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